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Frequently Asked Questions

Must I travel to the office?

A 90-120-minute office evaluation is scheduled once Dr. Hastings has received and reviewed medical records, CD’s, etc. Prior review optimizes an efficient visit.

Is there a cardinal guideline/rule?

Yes. Keep a master hard copy of all records for safekeeping. The FAA requires submission of hard copies of all records and will not accept fax or electronic copies. Plan to assemble hard copy of all records and all needed CD’s for submission to the FAA at the appropriate time.

Are inquiries and discussions confidential?

Yes, unless otherwise specified by pilot.

Does Dr. Hastings follow until an FAA decision is made?


Can Dr. Hastings work with my physicians and specialists?

Yes, tests are performed locally under direction of those providers.

Will CD copies of imaging studies (CT, MRA, CTA, MRA, etc. be needed)?

Yes, the FAA will require these.

Does Dr. Hastings deal with all classes of medical certificate?


What are Dr. Hastings fees?

Should the pilot wish to proceed, an office policy statement and agreement form will be sent by Dr. Hastings’ assistant.

Does Dr. Hastings deal with all classes of medical certificate?


Does Dr. Hastings deal with pilot applicants and student pilots?


What about Dr. Hastings's fees?

A fee agreement will be provided upon request for services. An initial, agreed fee based on time spent will not be exceeded without further authorization.

How are medical records sent?

Mail, fax, or email attachment (pdf attachment only). Information pdf is available upon contact.